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Heating Tune upJust like your car, heating units benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance and tune-ups.  By being proactive with your heating unit, the designed efficiency and capacity can be achieved.  Poor maintenance results in higher utility bills, lower heating output and costly repairs.  Call Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating today and schedule a full tune-up and enjoy peace of mind with a properly operating heating unit.

Here are some advantages to having your system properly maintained:

  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Extended lifespan
  • Lower repair costs



A system can only reach what the system’s potential are. If a system is not clean, it won’t deliver the same quality that it had when new. When the system is clean and pure of any build-up, it will run at maximum levels keeping the entire home warm in Indian Harbour Beach, FL.


Improved Comfort

Comfort is one thing that can derive from a heating system that’s maintained. Problems will quickly go away and you’ll be met with improved all around comfort levels in the home. There is never a need for more than one blanket with our tune-ups.


Unlimited Lifespan

Replacing a heating system can get costly. If your current heater is not working properly; you can always opt to have a tune-up done before thinking about a replacement. This will help to save a significant amount of money.


Reducing Maintenance Costs

The actual operation of your unit is what you pay over time to run your heater. Many that last tend to have a much higher cost to operate while those that have been maintained have an overall lower cost to run. Saving the kind of money that we can will allow for a much fuller piggy bank.


Tune-Ups and Timing

Timing can be vital to the life of your heating system. Winter is always right around the corner and can affect the outcome of your system. Early to late fall are the best times to you’ve your system maintained as this prepares it for winter’s return.

In order to get your heating tune-up, contact Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Our tune-ups are completed by certified professionals. You might say that we are the experts that can make your heater from so-so to extraordinary in no time.


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