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Rockledge Air Conditioning & HeatingIf you grew up in Rockledge, you’ve probably heard our name thrown around town. Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc has been improving HVAC systems for over five decades and if you’re new to the area, we can change yours as well.

A whole home fan can lower energy costs by at least 50%. Fans react the same way that your AC does but can be found as an alternative to one. You can’t sit on the couch all day thinking that your home will magically get cooled down. You need to do something about it!

A whole home fan work by drawing cool air through the home and directing the warm air up into the attic and out through the attic vents. The whole house fan will also eliminate odors, humidity and allergens as well. They serve dual purposes! Utilizing a whole house fan to cool your home will cut the operation time of your air conditioning system considerably.


Rockledge Air Conditioning Repairs

Nobody loves to sweat inside of their homes. Living in Florida you know how hot it can get and intensify inside the home. Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc has the answer to your humidity problems indoors as we can do repairs to your air conditioning that will make it functional once again as we work on:

  • Central units
  • Packaged
  • Heat pumps

Whatever model or type of AC you have, we can provide you with quality repair services. You can trust that they will be done in a time frame that you need it to be. Call for your repairs today and change the outcome of the climate inside of your home for good.


Rockledge Heating Repairs

Do you know the type of heating device that is in your home? Knowing what type you have will determine what type of heating repairs that it will need. A majority of homes have furnaces which are very common types of heating systems.

As there are many ways to heat a home, there is only one way to get consistent heating throughout the home and that’s by calling Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. For years, we have been repairing heating systems and making it possible to enjoy a home.

We don’t just provide quality air conditioning services; we also do heating as well as indoor air quality services all at your convenience.


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