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Indialantic Air Conditioning & HeatingThere are lots of things that an AC can provide for your home. A properly working cooling system can deliver a consistent flow of cool air throughout the home that won’t cost you a million dollars to run. If you want to become more comfortable inside y0ur own home this summer, call Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Your air conditioning problems will be our main priority.

Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc has over 50 years of experience as we got our start in 1960 and are still going even stronger than before. We are always just a phone call away from repairs, name brand installations and more.


Indialantic Air Conditioning

What do you have in mind when your AC suddenly goes out? Do you have someone that can attend to the repairs or replacement? Your cooling system, no matter how old it is, at some point in time will give you problems.

Before you sweat another summer out inside your home; consoder calling on Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc for repairs. We can fix a frozen up system or one that’s full of leaks. No matter what your problems are, we can fix them so that you save:

  • Cost
  • Replacements
  • Future repairs

Without a controllable cooling system, your home can become your worst nightmare as you’ll sweat to death inside of it due to the humidity build-up that plagues most homers in Florida. Through our repairs; we can get you to become more comfortable in your Indialantic home.


Indialantic Heating Repairs

A majority of homeowners rely on their heaters during the harsh winter months. We expect them to power on and off when we demand them too. When they can’t do that’ you don’t call in someone to replace your heater, you call in someone to repair it.

Age is a very important part of a heater’s lifespan. The older it is the more likely it is to breakdown. This happens suddenly and without warning. You can have Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc come out attend to your repairs 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

The average lifespan of a heating system is over 10 years. This is true if it’s been well-maintained through the years. We can make your heater last no matter what type it is and in some cases; can even replace it if necessary.

We provide superiority air conditioning repairs because we know how vital they can be to your home. We want to see you live comfortably and without the hassle of always needing an HVAC service. Call today and schedule yours and stay up to date on repairs for your system.


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