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Do You Need Colder Air Conditioning in Suntree?

Suntree Air Conditioning & HeatingWith a name like Suntree; it’s hard to believe the sun isn’t out all year round. The truth is; living in Florida is much like anywhere else. Although you won’t see or have to deal with snow; you’ll always be dealing with your HVAC systems whether it’s replacing the filters or having them professionally serviced.

Don’t neglect your HVAC systems because our professional repairs can even restore the worst ones. Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc want s to make you happy and satisfied with your systems. All our residential services are backed our reputation!

When it comes to guarantees like that; it’s hard to go anywhere else. We’re affordable and can attend to your issues as soon as you call. Now that’s quick. We won’t make you wait a day longer because we know how much you value your systems.

HVAC issues happen all the time and even when they are not being used. The best thing that you can do for one is to have a tune-up completed. This will help see if at all there are any problems within your system. It can also save you money on replacement costs which tend to have a hefty price tag.


Suntree Air Conditioning Repairs

Don’t wait for you cooling system to breakdown on you. This is what most homeowners do. They end up paying more because they waited until last minute. We can attend to your air conditioning very conveniently as a tune-up entails:

  • Thermostat is calibrated
  • Refrigerant pressure is monitored
  • Safety controls are checked

Tune-ups will keep you system ongoing and prevent you from having to put your system into an early grave. Your AC system should be able to outlive you ad future generations. Preventative maintenance is what it needs to save you money.


Suntree Heating Repairs

A geothermal heat pump can change the temperatures in your home instantly. Heat pumps have a much lower operating cost. They are also known to be much more quiet mechanisms. They are more efficient for the home as a gas furnace only offers an efficiency rating of 90%.

A heat pump has an efficiency rating of over 100%%. It’s really hard to beat for a heating device for your home. Contact us if you want a better working heat pump. It’s guaranteed to make your home all the more cozier.

A heat pump isn’t going to interrupt your day as they run quietly and it won’t cost a lot to operate. You can literally leave it on all day and it won’t cost as much as gas would. When it comes to the air conditioning in your home; make sure that it’s serviced by Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.


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