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Impossible to Locate Great Air Conditioning Services in West Melbourne?

West Melbourne Air Conditioning & HeatingDo you find it tough to get really good services done to your HVAC systems in West Melbourne? You no longer need to worry because Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc is here to tell you that we offer emergency as well as regular HVAC services.

Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc offers indoor air quality services to take advantage of as well. Indoor air quality and HVAC systems traditionally go hand-in-hand. Indoor air pollution has been known to make homeowners sick and in some cases has been fatal.

A sign that you have indoor air pollution problems is complicated breathing. If your lungs have been affecting with dust and mold, then you definitely need a change inside the home as far as the air goes. We have duct cleaning and air filters to help your problem. T

Poor air quality can become your worst nightmare. Mold growth inside of the duct system is a silent killer that attacks from inside the system and has the potential to filter out into the living area if not cleaned. We can provide you with that and so much more!


West Melbourne Air Conditioning Repairs

Cooling repairs can happen very easily. They come from qualified technicians who have been educated and can attack even the most challenging AC. Your air conditioning should be a valuable appliance in the home that’s taken care of in order to:

  • Energy usage increases
  • Reduced comfort
  • More expensive bills

There’s the need to be concerned about these and other problems that attack your AC. Whenever you don’t feel comfortable inside your home any longer, it’s time that you called the HVAC professionals as we’ll inspect your system and provide you with solutions. Don’t get stuck with a system that doesn’t want to work for you!


What West Melbourne Customers Say About Us

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based on these 1 happy customer reviews.

“Excellent professional and friendly service. Came within an hour of being called. Unit fixed and up and running! Thank you Wallace! Installed our Trane A/C 21 plus years ago and it’s still working great!! Highly recommend your company.”

| Rated: 5/5


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