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Heating InstallationsCall for details on how our professional technicians can take care of all your heating needs.  Don’t be uncomfortable with an old, worn out and inefficient heating system.  Purchase a new, professionally installed system to keep your family warm and cozy all winter long.

We install, service and warranty our new installations providing you peace of mind for the life of your new heating installation.

Central Heating

A central heating unit is normally outdoors, a garage or basement. It has four main components which help it to produce cold and hot air inside of your Indian Harbour Beach, FL home:

  • Burner
  • Exchanger
  • Blower
  • Flue


How Heating Systems Work

The burners in a furnace are supposed to produce combustion gases. These gases are then passed over the heat exchanger. When it becomes wormed up; the air is blown through a system of ducts. The heat is distributed throughout the home.


Balanced Heating

A new heating system will distribute heat evenly throughout the home. Your energy bills will become much lower and you’ll notice that it’s never too hot or cold in all of the rooms of the house. Don’t thrown any more money into the old heating system.


Cost Efficient

A new heater delivers a whole new type of heat flow throughout the home. It can be an investment well worth making as you’ll be in control of the temperatures. You’ll start to see lower utility bills too as you become less dependent on turning the thermostat up to the fullest.


Determining a New System

Our estimators will visit your home and conduct an inspection to see which type is the best fit for your home. This comes by analyzing the air duct work because installing a furnace that is too big or small can deliver bigger problems in the future.


Decisions to Be Made

When the time comes and you need to determine whether to replace or repair your system; you can always count on us to determine that for you. We’re the experts in repairs, tune-ups and installations. We’ll get you the best service available.

For an expert heating installation, you need a professional HVAC tech from Wallace Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Not only do we replace systems and install new ones but also provide peace of mind for those that are in need of HVAC work.


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